Sunday, December 15, 2013

We'll see how this goes.

It seems I've created yet another blog that shall never again see the light of day. I don't think I will ever continue, so welcome to the graveyard of what once was. Feel free to check out my other dead blog, or to read my new blog (which I actually haven't created yet, but will soon) which I hope to keep updating regularly. Honestly, with my new ideas, I don't know what will happen, but we'll see how this goes.

Thanks.I bid farewell (and possibly adieu) to this blog.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

To anyone who has read this

I apologize. I've left you hanging, and this site will never become active again, it seems

If you're interested in reading my actually ACTIVE writing site, then follow this link:

Thanks, and I'm sorry.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Too many days Chapter 3

     He shouldn't have worried.
Mammoth yelled as Rexis walked towards him. "You were totally bugged last night, hombre! What happened? Bad whor---"
 "Whoa, man. No. Not that. You know that's not my thing. Hey, um, sorry for sleeping in so late this morning. I must have been bugged," Rexis interrupted quickly (rather red in the face) and continued, rubbing his eyes.
 "No worries, no worries, hombre. I realize you have something going on."
 "So, we gonna get started?"
 "Yah, mahn," Mammoth said with his (actually pretty good) fake Jamaican accent.
 They started walking around the edge of the lake and came to the small, framed journal that gave this park its name. Rexis peered at it and read the entry shown like he had done millions of times. It read:
  May Eighth Eighteen twenty threy-
 I found a nyce aareea next too the camp. It isnt verry prettie,  but it is a litle greenish. Maibee if I come hear agan, I culd make it intoo a park.  Mary came up too mee just baerly, and told me that theyy ar going to moove on. I shuld go with them. I think I shuld leev this journal here. Shuld I? I gess I wont be needing it were I am going, so I shuld say goodby. Goodby, journal! with love, Joy Marie Phillips.
 Rexis stopped reading and went over the simple page in his mind. Greenish Park. I still wonder - what would have happened if they had said it was  "It-Isn't-very-pretty Park " and not Greenish Park? After all, they just picked a random part of this page and named it. Ah well. I would have named it "Joy Marie Phillips Park" after the journalist and not part of the entry itself.
 "So uh... what did you want to talk to me about, Mammoth my man?" Rexis cautiously asked. 
 "I have something I want to show you."
 "Just keep following me."
 Mammoth didn't bother replying back.
 Soon they reached a small, abandoned hill that nobody liked to even walk past. It gave people an eerie feeling to look at it, not to mention go near it. It was fairly small, and covered in rich, fertile soil-but nothing grew there. Not a single blade of grass, not a lonely mushroom. Birds did not sing near it, and no animals would venture near here. Even worms would instinctively turn their tunnels elsewhere. Rexis felt uneasy, but he trusted Mammoth and walked on.
 (Chapter T.B.C.)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Too Many Days - Chapter 2

 As Rexis walked back to his corner on the alley, he thought of his dream. He had never had a dream like that before. What in the world had he been thinking? It must have come from the bottle of wine he had drunk a few hours previously. Well, he thought to himself, I'm not really sure that it was a few hours. How long had he been resting? For all he knew, the party could have lasted anywhere from a half hour to 6 hours.
 Rexis found himself at his alley. Mammoth Tooth, his fellow homeless neighbor, had already fallen asleep on his worn-out, moth-eaten mattress that served as a bed. He pulled back the blanket, walked into his corner, and shut the makeshift curtain behind him. He immediately fell asleep once again.
 What in the blooming H*LL was Rexis doing in a cave?! The last thing he remembered was being in the purple room with the man in the black fedora - what was his name again? Oh! He remembered now! His name was Mar--
  Curses! Rexis woke up barely before he could finish that thought. Just when he was starting to make sense of it all, he had to wake up! After Rexis lied there on his mattress cursing, he finally came to notice what had woken him up. The sun was bright, straight above his head. It was probably around the middle of the day. He had missed his appointment with Mammoth! They had planned to meet up at the lake in Greenish Park. Mammoth woke up and did his duties earlier than Rexis on a daily basis, so he hadn't woke him up, thinking it was another normal day.  But now Rexis had missed his planned meeting, and Mammoth wasn't a patient or forgiving sort of guy. What was he going to do?
 He was going to dress and go over to the lake, that's what he was going to do. He was going to dash over there, apologize, and desperately wait for an answer while hoping he wouldn't lose his only friend. But what was Mammoth going to reply?

Page 3

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Too Many Days Ch. 1 cont.

Loud music blasts everywhere, blocking out any other senses. People around the floor screamed almost without realizing it. Rihanna stood on a makeshift platform, looking a little surprised and confused but singing nonstop.

Rexis stood in a dark corner, as far away as he could from the chaos. He walks against the wall, looking for a better place to sit and think about what he could possibly do here. He finds a bench outside, but that was occupied by 2 teenagers kissing despicably. He finally finds a place next to the now-empty food tables. He sat there, and pretty soon, he nodded off.

He walks through a dark, dirty room. A white rabbit chews on a carrot in the middle of the floor. Rexis doesn't know why, but he has to get to the rabbit fast. He runs to the center of the room, looking around as if he's afraid of something. He nearly reaches the rabbit, but then he is surrounded by a cage suddenly dropping down on top of him. He screams in frustration and terror, and then hears laughter....

"Ha! You are awake! Come on buddy, show's over. You need to be getting home now." Rexis slowly woke up to the sound of the janitor's voice. He realized he had been dreaming. He groggily stood up and walked home.

(Sorry if the 'white rabbit' part sounds too much like The Matrix.)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Too Many Days... Chapter 1

Too many days have passed, my dear,
Too many days have passed.
The days really aren't that clear
As they pass through with a smile
That fills me with fear.

Rexis walked to the party, watching people run around him to get there on time. He watched with a strange feeling, like he wasn't even in his own body anymore. "Hey!" somebody yelled as they bumped into him in their excitement to get to the City Hall. "Watch where you're going!" said person#1's tag-along, pushing Rexis roughly out of the way to get to his friend. They were all going to the Christmas party downtown. Rexis was surprised how many people had simply chosen to walk, like himself.

This party wasn't just any party. Rihanna was coming, and it would be the biggest thing that happened in Dutchesville in 30 years, the last being the President of the US coming to the abandoned coal mine in pursuit of  diamonds. Rexis really wasn't THAT excited, but since the bar he usually went to closed early because of the party today, he decided to go to the party himself.

That party would change his life.................